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9/7 & 8 report

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ShoreS: fished last evening and this morning with nothin to show for it, threw seknos, spinners, topwaters and even jigs with not a trace of fish to be had. Saw tons of bucket guys with slip bobbers last night but nothing being reeled in.
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Do you ever try different plastics? Might be worth a try. Lately I've been having pretty good luck with Zoom Trick Worms.
Hey, your three posts away!!!! Not really, I don't use much other than senko-type worms, except for jigs-curlytail grubs and the occassional tube. I have tried others in the past, but earlier this season senkos were slaying them at Opeka so I haven't broken the habit. I may get some trick worms or something else........
I just found the senko bait this year(from this site) and I can't beleive how well they catch bass. I like to fish them wacky. I have not caught but a few on a texas rig. I think the action is better on the wacky rig. So if your fishing them texas style..... try it on the wacky side. :lol: but my go to bait is still a top water.......... jitter bug(conditions must be right though)
if not it's back to the wacky senko.
Still too weedy for wacky at Opeka. But I agree that the action is better that way. What would you say are ideal jitterbug conditions?
Calm water is key........ Early morning or late at sun set ...but if the water is calm mid day with the sun high over head i'll still can catch bass with just has to be dead flat calm for the jitter bug.(as with most top water baits) The water deflection like any top water just moves the water around the lure but it's just a different look with a consistant wiggle(fast or slow you decide)...Jitter bug strikes are BIG reaction strikes. If they don't hit it in the first few reels then it's an dead cast..VERY few bass hit it on the retreive. Unlike a buzz bait or pop-r. The best conditions are if bass are "raising" to the surface for bait fish or bugs on the top water. If they are on that agressive pattern.... then a jitter bug will catch'em :lol:

That's my experience after fishing with them for 20+ years. The largest
bass I have caught have all been on the bugs.

Just nothing like a big explosion at the surface to get your heart going

(side note: is that you have 6 hooks so when that explosion have a great chance of landing a good fish. I have got'em on one hook and sometimes on all 6 on the lips..they never gut the lure.
so when the explosion happes you have a great chance for a good fight to the boat/shore)
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Sometimes you need to try different tactics with plastics. Senkos may have worked most of the summer, but it wouldn't hurt to try some different types of plastics.
Thanks BassCaster! I've been working the pop'r the way you describe but have yet to toss the jitterbug. Are you saying retrieve a pop'r more like a buzzbait? Or in a manner like you describe for the jitterbug?
To go weedless wacky style, just go to a smaller hook and bury the point. I like using the octupus style for this. It is not 100% weedless, but it will get you through the slop more times then not. Downsizing to the 3'' Yum Dingers or Senkos makes this method even better and they will still put nice bass on your line along with the bigger panfish and even the occasional cat. I have found that in some of the smaller ponds that the fish have seen the standard senko a million times and react more aggresively to the smaller easier meal they have not seen before.

BTW-That goes 100% against what worked for us this weeked, as the fish on Lake Geneva wanted the big senkos. It just goes to show that versatility is key. If you keep throwing the same exact baits you probably are going to be stuck with the same results.
Like the others said, for topwaters, low light is key. Overcast skies and wind are a huge factor for the midday topwater bite. You want just enough of a wind disturbance on top of the water that the fish will give you reaction strikes without being able to inspect the bait. Don't overlook 1/2 ounce buzzbaits either. They may seem big but the 10 inchers hit them the same as the 6 lbers.
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