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A good day at Beck 5/16/08

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I fished Beck today with twoglasseyes from 3pm-7pm from "big blue" the new boat.

We caught ten or so bass mostly on creature style baits

We started on the side of the island that was blocked from the wind and got on some fish right off the bat.

Then we moved to the wind blown side and Boom I caught my first real Beck hog.

She was 19" long and weighed in at 4 pounds six ounces.

Right before dark the chatterbait I switched to got tangled in my line so I reeled it back really fast across the surface of the water. Before I new it the bass below blew up at the surface it like it was hitting a buzz bait!

Rudy switched to a topwater and caught one more little guy right before we left.

It was indeed a good day on beck!
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Awsome fish guys , best day I seen at Beck in a long time ,congrats on that hog bro :shock:
Nice outing. That look on your face is priceless. Nice hog!
Great fish, I knew Beck wasn't quite finished.
Nice catch. :D
I come to beck on 6:00PM. Try several spinners, soft power minnow and nightcrawler, nothing bait except of one frog. :(
Freaking awesome guys! I love to see a report like that from Beck Lake.

And those are indeed some classic pics boys.
:shock: Wow that is an awesome Beck bass. Congrats and thanks for the report. :D
Wow nice Beck fish!
Boys, that is Nirvana for a Beck Lake fishing adventure. Way to go!!!!
Wow you guy's killed them out there. Nice HOG Sean look's like it was a great day
Big Beck Bass great job guys. Very nice to see quality Bass so close to home.
topwater? sweet i think im going to night fish a topwater bait tonight. :roll: congrats on your hog! that is a nice fish. glad you guys got some
Nice fishing guys. There are some mosters in Beck. As we found out today
Wow been years since i have benn there looks like things are looking up there, nice fish guys.
Thanks for the kind words gents. Beck is a great place, I can't wait to get back.
Beautiful fish guys! What a beast that one is looks like you can fit ur fist in its mouth!
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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