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A heads up

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There are scumbag tree cops that are radaring near the entrance. They clocked me when I was accross Central (not their jurisdiction) and told me I was speeding in the parking lot, when I slammed on the brakes and slowed down before I entered the forest preserves. Real green, young cops too. They rolled up on me all professional like, as if I was one of those guys you see on cops. The first ticket since I got the Mustang a year and a half ago and it was from one of those toy cops. Sorry about the ranting, but just wanted to warn you guys!!!
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unbelievable!! enforcing speeding is NOT their primary duty. It's to protect our wildlife preserves! Man, such wannabes! :twisted:
Uhmmmmm, were you speeding? If so then you got caught, plain and simple. doesn't matter who catches you, tree cop or traffic cop. We all speed from time to time, and if you play the game be prepared to pay the price, or ticket! IMHO we have way too many people going way too fast around Chicagoland these days, myself included on occassion, and I am grateful that cops give a %[email protected]& enough to try to impact it for public safety. Don't mean to be a wet blanket, but it is endangering people no matter how 'in control' we may think we are at the time....
this is the reason why i got a radar an adrenaline junky :lol: especially the excitment from catching fish
i'm with you 100% top! i'm just saying they have other priorities as "Forest Preserve" officers. If you were caught speeding in the preserve park, then sure, it's absolutley in their jurisdiciton to ticket you. But for them to be radaring people outside of their jurisdiction is uncalled for. They should be patroling the park, not the streets and highways.
He clocked me on East River, where the speed limit is 35, not 15. I broke hard right before the intersection because I saw him clocking. Can't really go to court either because he will show up (I told him to choke on a c**k). I baby the Stang and never really open it up until I get on the highway or some of the farm roads around Mundelein or farther north. Besides, the way cars are designed nowadays, the speed limits have been outdated about 15 years ago. Giving out speeding tickets is a great way to generate revenue though. If you own a home, smoke or drink any alcohol, you are paying more than enough in taxes. Unfortunately, our local politicos, a la Stroger, Daley, Stevens, etc, are much better at spending now and scheming on how to raise funds later. Thus, the speeding tickets and tax increases. I really don't think its a safety thing, more like an economic thing.
It really doesn't matter if cars are able to handle higher speeds/faster breaking, the operators are still prone to error, which is much harder to make correction for at faster speeds. I for one would hate to raise speed limits and see even one person killed by irresponsible behavior such as breaking simple speed limit laws. It's simply disrespectful of other people's safety and sorely disregarded by people around Chicagoland. You can call it 'fiscal politics' if you want. I call it adolecent criminal behavior, 'cause until speed limits are changed, that's what it is.

Now, are you saying that you were doing 35 in a 35 zone and got ticketed for that? I agree, they spend way too much and overtax the homeowners and hard workers. But that doesn't justify breaking the law. Exceeding the speed limit is breaking the law and whomever writes the ticket is simply enforcing the law. You should go to court if you're innocent! Nobody should pay a fine without the the opportunity to argue for their innocence! Simply 'cause the cop might show shouldn't deter you from defending yourself.

Aren't CCFPD cops part of the Cook County Sheriff's office? I always thought they were which would make all of Cook their jurisdiction, right?
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The big mistake was calling that cop a name. I've always learned that by being nice and doing alot of Yes sir, no sir - they will lighten up and in some cases give you a warning or let you leave all entirely.
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