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can't help you with jigging but have you tried texas rigged senkos? virtually snag free and big bass slam em. no need to use weight, they are heavy and cast like missles.

i fish them two ways.

first method is to cast, let fall to bottom then reel to surface and let fall again. works great when lots of weeds are present. find the holes in the weeds and toss it right in there. whamo!

2nd method I like is to use it like a slugo. rod tip down...tug tug stop, reel in slack...tug tug stop all the way back to in. when you tug on them, if it's rigged properly, they shouldn't come in straight. they will swerve in different directions each time you tug the rod.

5" green pumpkin is my go to senko. they are salt impregnated so bass hold on to them longer giving you a second or two longer to set the hook.

i also fish with the cheap plastic worms from walmart in the $.99 bin. I've caught many bass on their bright pink worm. bass like pink, what can i say.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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