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Good Evening Everyone, Neil And I decided to hit an Area Lagoon. It's part of the Chicago Park District and is a very wooded area, It was Beautiful! We were able to see wonderful wildlife here in cook county as well As land Some nice Fish! We started out with cranks until We came up to a flat instead of throwing jerk baits Like most would have, We threw plastics (Conditions suited them better) And knocked them dead first 30 minutes while we were there I landed 4 And Neil landed one later on i landed one more to end the day ! We might head out again there tomorrow with more aggressive tactics but here's our day!

here's a Doe We seen while searching the lagoon

Neil's Bass

My Biggest on the day out of 5 fish


Temperature: 43

Sky: Foggy Light Rain

Wind Range: light ( 0-10MPH)

Wind Direction: South East

Weather trends: Fairly stable

Barometer: Lowering 30.14

Water temp: 48

Water Color: Clear

Water Level: Normal

Water Visibility: 2 ft.

Current Conditions: none

Bottom Conditions: Flat

* Georges Out Come*

Caught: 5

Lost: 0

Released: 5

*Neils Outcome*

Caught: 1

Lost: 0

Released: 1

Fish Health: healthy


Bait/Lure Presentation: Slow

Rod Used: St.Croix 7'0

Reel used: pFlueger presidential

Line used: 12lb Suffix

Lure/Hook: Plastics

Bait used:---

Beverage: ---

Snack: ------

Repellant: ---

*Season Tally*

Season Skunks: 1

Season Fish: 83

Bass: 56

Season Outings: 13

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Chicago Ill.

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thanks for the comments guys, Yea I haven't fished this particular lagoon in quite awhile, And was surprised at the quality of fish we pulled out. Only reason the location isn't posted is because it's to small of a lagoon to be pressured, A lot of you guys under stand this one. but fun stuff out there!

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George just PM the GPS coordinates and I will fill my bucket on my lunch break :lol:

Seriously though George, you have had a great month on these urban waterways. I am constantly impressed by your catches out of these bodies of water. Keep it up and hopefully one day I can tell people I used to know you when you are fishing the BASS tours :wink:
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