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Alright guys///

4/6/08.. Caught a small bass and a Common carp about 6lbs on a jig, no pictures I've been more focused on fishing for fun then reporting. then proceeded to a pond where i caught a small bass on a red eye shad and Jp's Girlfriend caught close to a 2lber on a 4" Lizard.

4/7/08... Night time cat fishing We only caught one dink and since it is video and was small I'm choosing not to take the time to put it up. A lot of big cats out but couldn't get then to bite because we weren't that prepared. Look for the catfish video next week, i promise it will be a different story.


this morning decided to fish in the on and off rain, I landed a common sucker on a jig and was able to watch crayfish mate with the low water levels was amazing and i believe i found a new passion !! :D :D not.. lol Thats creepy guys :shock: :shock: :shock: but it was cool to see. This weird looking guy pressured me to post his bass though.. So i did I didn't want any trouble...

so here's his pic

And here's the rest.

Caught some gills to but.. I'm sure you know what they look like
I'd also Like to point out i fish Everyday, And Don't report from time to time... this.. is my lazy side

:D :D :D

thanks guys! :D

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Awesome George... great Report.. LOL That guy is just too funny!

I look foward to the Catfish report... :D
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