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long story short... :lol: ...Highway 14 Backwater-(panfish)This area is very weedy in the summer and early fall, so fish it when its cold.The way to fish this area is by walking out on to a 2x4 and walk out on to the main log. When you get on to the log, walk to the end of the log. In thisspot, it is about 13 feet deep. The bottom is made up of mostly mud and rubble. There is also a few weed beds.
You can only fish here in winter and early spring. Best results are from early spring though, so use the short time wisely. Start with an extra small jig and twistertail or any small soft plastic. toss it to the stumps and let it sink.pop it off the bottom every few seconds for best results. (perferably use an ultralite rod and reel with #4 line)-----this method cathes- crappie, bass, whitebass, perch, and sunfish-----
Another method is the jerk and go method. Use a 2 or 3 inch twistertail on asmall to medium sized jig head. Perferably use an ultralite rod and lite to medium sized reel, spooled with #6 line.To work this method, cast out your twister and jerk it 3 times, realy quick, then reel it slow, then jerk it again. Keep this method going until you feel a strike, then set the hook.-----This method catches- crappie, bass, whitebass, walleye, pike and occasionaly, sunfish-----
Best time to fish- early march-mid may
Species- L.M.Bass, S.M.Bass, Pike, Walleye, Black Crappie, White crappie,White bass, Yellow bass, Striped bass, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed, Yellow perch, and orange spotted sunfish.

this is what ive been doing ALL week :lol: , catching monster crappies and nice white bass..
theese are my methods to get the fish :wink:
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