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Afternoon 3/19 w/ pics

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My cousin Chris and fished the discharge today from 2-5P. My first cast with a shiner on the bottom produced a small striper. After a few small cats Grandpa Blue decided payed a visit.

Chris with his first Lasalle Lake fish

I started throwing a bandit shad pattern crank on the other side of the boat and caught 3 greenies and got this nice hybrid

I changed to a largemouth pattern bandit and picked up a 17''

Chris started getting in the groove and started landing cats almost every cast

I picked up another hybrid on the bottom

And Chris got his first striper

All in all a really good day. I was pleasantly suprised at the number of fish I was getting on the crank while anchored. Not too many boats out in the afternoon either. The only downer was getting cut off by a knucklehead at the ramp. We waited in line until it was our turn and as I positioned the truck to back the trailer down a truck slid in behind me and his partner in the boat actually drove around my running boat which my cousin was holding at the dock. As we waited for the goof to finally get the boat on straight, all we could do was laugh. The people behind us were not so pleased either :p I guess he must of really needed to get somewhere. Anyways, get out to Lasalle if you get a chance, it is goin good ;)
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Augy, there is some decent shore fishing at Lasalle as well. I fished it for years without a boat and consider it the best cooling lake for size and numbers from shore :wink:
Holy sh1t Matt! Nice fish!
Thanks Jason. The average size of the hybrids are down a little but there are some HUGE blues roamin around this year :p
Nice! love the stripers and that cat musta fought like crazy
christhecatman22 said:
what time of year
As the title says "3/19."
Ah, good memories. Yep, 3/19 was the date. Won't be long now.
All these flash backs are just driving me crazy!!!!


Yes, Not Drugs people Excitement!!!!!
I fish from the shore but I did not look like an idot reeling the fish in my avatar. A nice 40lb blue cat.
christhecatman22 said:
I fish from the shore but I did not look like an idot reeling the fish in my avatar.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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