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Alaska fishing

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Has anyone made a trip to Alaska fishing for Halibut. Very good chance that I will have the opportunity to do so just wondering how it went for you
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Many times. Going again in August. You should catch some every day. If its a guided trip you'll see a butt 100lbs or larger.

I have a buddy with a house on a harbor in Pelican which is 90 miles west of Juneau on Lisianski straight. We target kings and coho first and then drop for halibut before checking the shrimp and crab traps on the way in.

Our biggest butt is 256lbs to date. We have the luxury of targeting "chicken" halibut that weigh 20lbs to 30lbs and often cut off the giants to live another day. The smaller ones are a whole lot easier to deal with both landing them and cleaning them.

Its going to be epic.

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My son lived in Homer during the pandemic. He told many a story of fishing off the spit there.
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Have you shipped any fish home. Really can't bring them to the ship 😫
Is it a cruise? Chances are that they will have a freezer capable of holding a 50lb box of filets. If you are thinking of a charter, the outfit will clean and package the fish for you. They will also advise you on the most economical way to get your fish back home.

I always fly in and out of Juneau. Alaska Seaplanes has a freezer at the airport for my fish. I check a Cube chest with wheels that can hold 35lbs keeping my total weight of the box below 50lbs. I think it costs about $35 to check the full box.

Halibut is delicious and will last a whole year vacuum packed. I only bring back salmon that we smoke on site.. We eat it fresh sashimi, cured, or baked at the fishing camp. I think it changes once its frozen. Must be the oil content.
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Yes a cruise we have a delay in Vancouver so I need to have it shipped home
Great photos!

What is that orange giant?
Its a yellow eye. They are white meat kind of like a snapper. Its a by catch when fishing for halibut. Also get quill back, duskys, and those black bass. The law says you have to keep that yellow eye unless you have a weighted release mechanism (we fabbed a few of them and use them now). Only one per man limit. We call them orange buoys because if you try to release them (like the game warden advises) they float until they die. The small ones get carried away by eagles and the larger ones get eaten by Herschel (sea lion)
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I can hardly wait to get up there and get a line wet
Be careful.
Illinois man stuck in Alaska mud flats drowns as tide comes in

Illinois man stuck in Alaska mud flats drowns as tide comes in

Ya I seen that . My heart goes out to his family. 20 year old kid
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