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Alittle Help Please Need Some Info

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Hey guys i'm new here and wanted to start off by saying i love reading about the great fishing there is in my local area please keep the posts and pics coming

Now to my question I live right by the North West Fork of the Chicago River (by Devon and Milwaukie Far north side of Chicago) i was wondering if anyone knows of fish even being in this part of the river this part of the river i know if i took this river far up north i would run into skokie lagoons and i know theres fish there (any kind of fish i don't care)
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Hey TSevs...

I actually live right at Devon and Milwaukee and have the north branch right in my backyard (literally). At that location, it is still the north branch, the 3 forks don't happen for several miles north.

The water in this location is extremely shallow. I seen an occasional carp jump and have seen dead suckers on the shore. I once caught a bluegill in limited time fishing.

I recently spoke with a CCFPD employee from the area and he said that when the water gets real high, he has seen a largemouth bass or two.

I once heard that the area of the river that goes under Devon east of Milwaukee hold some bass, but I don't know for sure.

I'd be very curious myself if there are any quality spots near. It just seems like there isn't.
Thanks for the reply yeah i also live right just a block down from superdawg i was thinking i might try go farther up and down the river some ways to see if the water level is higher i guessing no but it would sure be nice if it was then i could walk to some spots
again thanks for the quick reply
Hey Jason
Seeing that we live very close to each other i was wondering where you park your car (that is if you drive) when you go devon or lincoln or touthy bridges on the NSC? hows the walk from where you park
I have never fished the river yet and i'm really excited to see what i can do i hope to catch some good sized fish like you guys all are
For Lincoln Ave bridge, I park in the Lincoln Village parking lot by Starbucks/Borders. At touhy there is a parking lot where the bank and Balley's is.

Another note about the north branch up here. There is a spot at Howard street (north branch, not NSC) called the Niles Wetlands. There is a little mini dam and it looks like it would be a great place to fish. Might be worth checking out - I simply have not got around to it yet.
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