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another i suck

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so ive been to lake carina three time this week with out so much as a bite. oh well.

I am getting the hang of baitcasting even if i cant cast over 40 feet with it yet. so that a plus. hopefully things change. I wish i could get out this weekend but i got a cubs game and mothersday so maybe next week i can get out somewhere different .

thanks for letting me vent

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Thanks for the report. You will get them next time. Yea Baitcasting is a whole nother ball game. You will get the hang of it and then be a champ at it! :wink:
thanks. i dont think the not catching any fish pat was to much on me i didnt see anyone else catching anything either. the dock is alslo under water too righ tnow so you have to walk down to the shore line.
yeh i just like how close it is to work. I like to fish at lunch
you work near me. are you a Lake County resident? Go to IG - much more action there. I visited Carina a couple of times during my lunch breaks last year...waste of time IMO
i work in gurnee. i only get about an hour so going to ig might be a little difficult. ill figure it out. at least its a relaxing way to spend my lunch.
baitcasting is weird in that you dont try casting hard. Slow it all down and let the rod do more of the work. Point the rod where the lure is going until it lands. Turn the reel sideways throughout the cast. Youll be able to use less brakes without a backlash and itll cast far. But when you have it set up like this and you try and cast too hard its a sure backlash.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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