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Wow, I read the link but I have not seen that many, I have seen two or three and assumed it was a deeply hooked fish, or ill or something. But, I haven't been fishing there nearly as much as over the summer. It may explain the very limited bite though. Maybe there is something going around in there. It is pretty deep and gets a good current going, so I doubt it is oxygen levels> Last spring the 'clubhouse' guy at Opeka did say there were tons and tons of carp in the lake, which may have an effect on the Bass, I don't know though. Whatever it is/was, it would be a shame if it is something that kills off the Bass. I have seen biologists (or something) taking water samples several times over the summer. But who knows why. The LMB I caught last week was real healthy looking, nice color and belly.

Oh, and the golf course is far and away the primary (or only) concern at Lake Park for the DPPD, so it would be no surprise if they did an end of season fertilizer run, and with all the rain the run-off is killing off smaller/weaker fish. I dunno, just a thought.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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