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Any luck shore fishing????

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I've been skunked every time out to Beck lately shore fishing. Anyone else have any luck? I've seen guys on the water reeling in fish, but I haven't seen other people catch anything from the shore either. The weeds are out of control. I've lost a few lures, even using a Texas and Carolina rig. Any advise?? Anyone scope out any spots that have tamer weed beds? :?: :(
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The last time I caught something at Beck was way back in March. Been getting skunked there every time since then. I agree that the weeds are out of control, at least all along the southern and eastern shore lines. The western shorelines might be better, but I haven't ventured that way yet this season. Also

Maybe you could give Lake Glenview at shot? It's only about 15 minutes away from Beck. Personally, though, I haven't had much luck at Lake Glenview either.
Beck Lake can be very frustrating at times. There are some big largemouth bass in there, decent crappie, some northern pike, some walleye, etc.

Try not to be too swayed away because of the weeds. First of all, the weeds right along the shoreline are not as thick as they usually get. And don't forget, bass love to hide in weeds! There are plenty of pockets to work from shore. Rig weedless and fish early or late for best results.

I've been skunked a number of times at Beck and it pisses me off to no end! But the fact that it's so close to home and is a very good sport fisherie, keeps me coming back. And if anything... it helps me become a more versatile fisherman as I have to try many techniques and presentations in order to get on some fish.
Beck is a tough, tough lake. But the rewards could be huge! That's why I keep going back.
I went Sunday morning, but only worked the east shore for half an hour. An older guy who's been fishing there for a long time gave my brother some tips on where to fish and what color baits to use. I got a chartreuse frog and some senkos. It's way too close to the house to give up on.
That's exactly how I feel about Opeka, it's just too darn close not to give it repeated chances. For me Beck is just far enough away to make it not worth the gamble of skunkeroo vs. big dog, gien that Opeka is soooooo close to home.
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