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Ehh, drove past all of the Busse entrances this morning at 5:45 waiting for them to open. They didn't open any of them up until 6:30, so I missed the sunrise bite that I wanted. Since it was already 6:30, I figured I might as well hit up Lee's when they opened. Picked up a VERY generous dozen minnows, more like 2 dozen. Spent the next 4 hours at the area north of the boat rentals. Started out with about 8-9 minnows, then I went through everything in my cases. Rapalas, poppers, Senkos, swimbaits, all to no avail. Today wasn't my day.

Last Friday though, in the north pool, caught a 15" LMB on my first cast with a Senko, then nothing else for the next 2 hours. Oh well.
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