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Anyone fish thse waters before?

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I was looking through Google maps and saw several small ponds/lakes in the chicagoland area and was wondering if anyone has fished these places before.

Lake Maryanne (East of 294, just North of Golf)
University Lake (E of 294, S of Golf, W of Potter Rd)
the small pond between Lake Maryanne and Univ. Lake
Shagbark Lake (E of Des Plaines Rd, btwn Algonquin and Oakton)
Murphy Lake and Park Lake (just N of Toughy, off Dee Rd, NW of Axehead Lake)
Schiller Woods FP (SW corner of Montrose and Cumberland)
the ponds just E of 294, btwn Willow and Lake

Are any of these private ponds? Has anyone caught anything at any of these places? I'm just looking for new waters once spring comes. Thanks!
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I think Lake Maryanne is a private lake but I'm not for sure, I haven't fished any of em.
I have fished Shagbark a lot and it is amazing! Bass jumping in the boat, blue gill the size of Texas and several musky that'll give your ultra-light a shreddin', yep, an amazing little honey hole. is private. And don't even think about trying it out without permission. My friends father lives on the lake and has informed me that unless you know a resident and have explicit permission the police will be called and charges of trespassing will be filed. Sorry, but it is a great spot that pretty much only older people live around and hardly ever gets fished, except by my and my buddie. And all but the one FP lake you mentioned are very, very likely private as well. Unfortunately there are a lot of these little lakes that guys like us, the WCF crew, would be very blessed to live on and be able to fish day or night, but unless we can pool up the $600k plus to buy a house on one of em we just have to pray for a nice friend to let us in once a week!

PS I would invite y'all if I could! No, really I would!!!
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Thanks for the info guys! I too wish I was lucky enough to live next to one of those private lakes.
I live on university lake, but i rarely go fishing there out of the 5 years ive lived here all i cought was one bullhead, but supposebly they stock the lake. My buddysays that he catches bass on spinnerbaits and stuff, but i havent seen any. I got to the lake next door the old trout farm on golf road, havent caught anything this year but last year me and some friends pulled out a couple LM bass
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