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I was looking through Google maps and saw several small ponds/lakes in the chicagoland area and was wondering if anyone has fished these places before.

Lake Maryanne (East of 294, just North of Golf)
University Lake (E of 294, S of Golf, W of Potter Rd)
the small pond between Lake Maryanne and Univ. Lake
Shagbark Lake (E of Des Plaines Rd, btwn Algonquin and Oakton)
Murphy Lake and Park Lake (just N of Toughy, off Dee Rd, NW of Axehead Lake)
Schiller Woods FP (SW corner of Montrose and Cumberland)
the ponds just E of 294, btwn Willow and Lake

Are any of these private ponds? Has anyone caught anything at any of these places? I'm just looking for new waters once spring comes. Thanks!
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