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anyone up for pheasant hunting ???

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O-K windycity folks,, would anyone here be interested in going pheasant hunting ??? Me and Chris can get something going for you guys..
Anyone ????
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I would Tony. And I know Augy would too. I have a dog, but she's not trained for this kinda thing. Do I need a trained dog? Also... I have no equipment.

Lol... I really sound like a goof - but fishing has always been my thing and hunting has been something I enjoy on TV or video games.

However, I would love to pheasant hunt!
No dog needed,, but ya need a gun..
The main thing is safety first.. you always have to look past your shot,,
make sure you shoot above shoulder height so you don't shoot the dogs
you will need a blaze orange cap and vest. I have an extra vest or two .
Hmmmmmmmm,, did not realize I was not logged in,, I was a guest !!
When are you guys goin? I'm waiting on my FOID renewal.
2-6 weeks if it was sent in. With all the renewals going on. it matters on the order they recieve them is the order it is shipped.
Where the pheasant hunting at? I belong to a club already but love to get the dog out and shoot.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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