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Thanks guys,no more LM for the rest of the year, i donit want to see a another green fish Yea that is a spook The 3 top water baits i used were spook heddon torpedo,a 50 year old wooden plunker They really went after that plunker Got a few in the slop with a frog , they hit about any crank,caught a lot of little bass too ,maybe a dozen 3-4 pound bass i lost when they jumped,plastics were good too.sinkos dingers,just about any worm That lake has it all would like to retire up there,but the winters suck.
lot of rules and regulations up there and they watch you, not only will you get a fine the worst part they put your name in their local paper We let one of the guys from work go up ther he got caught pissing out of the boat got fined and his name in the paper its funny we got the paper at work above the fridge
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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