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Aptakisic Pond on Lake Cook across from Chevy Chase?

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in wheeling. has anyone fished here?
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i think its private idk tho i drive by it all the time and i would love to give it a go
At least from the main road, I don't see any no fishing signs. Early spring would be the time to try cuz in the summer, thick vegetation all around would probably won't give you much access.
I fished it a long time ago and got booted.. let me tell you something... It still pops in my head to go back and take the ticket ;)

Security at the office building called the police, this was at night. the officer said if he catches me there again, he will have to write me a trespassing ticket...
Wrench, thanks for the heads up cuz I was gonna try it out when the ice's clear. So that big body of water belongs to that company next to it?
Not sure, but thats where I parked and accessed it.
i was just thinking about parking a little bit down and hiking it to the lake/pond
babyduke said:
in wheeling. has anyone fished here?
Oh! This place! I remember back in the late 90's, I and my dad went there all rigged up, and were asked to leave by security.
I've fished here a few times with a friend of mine. We fished for maybe 15 minutes before we got asked to leave. Caught a few bluegills. Does anyone know what kind of fish are in here and how big they are ? Specifically wondering about carp/catfish.
Kicked out the one time there. Very rudely too...
My old man grew up in the Pekara Subdivision which is off Milwaukee Avenue and it was named after my great grandfather that build that land there and and one point owned most of that area around the Aptakisic quarry. There were 4 or 5 quarry ponds around that area some I fished as a child that are now filled in. The "good one" according to my dad, and he's passed away now, but from what I remember was the pond at Milwaukee Avenue and Aptakisic Road. That was the local hang out for teens in 60s to do whatever you could imagine... Anyway, he told me the fishing there was unbelievable. We went once in the 90s and only got in about 10 mins before a guard kicked us out and we each had caught two bass in that time.

I could be wrong about this but that is the pond where the supposed state record came from.

Damn the forums are new!
PK... Yes it is where the state record came from :wink:

I havent been there in years... I was talking to my buddy about hitting it up this spring!!! :lol:

It probably wont happen though... well Maybe ;)
Largemouth ;)
I have excellent ninja night fishing skills. Pm me if you wanna do some night prespawn fishing.
svslider said:
I have excellent ninja night fishing skills. Pm me if you wanna do some night prespawn fishing.
Haha, Same here!!! :wink: Camo, 3 or 4 rods. a back pack of gear. No Lights and park far away and trek it out. :p I think I am getting too old for that stuff though. :? :(
Your never too old, and no mountain is high enough.
SARGE said:
Your never too old, and no mountain is high enough.
LOL :lol: Thanks Sarge! :D
Anyone fished it recently... I went with my nephew but nothing. Threw out a few crankbaits and a buzz bait on the north-west side of the pond but no hits. I did see some huge carp in there though.

Sounds like it's private although I haven't seen any signs. I parked in a completely different area and walked over to it right past the factory. No one said a word.
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