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Early last week, a buddy called me and said he has been stressed out at work and need to get away for a few days....I was like "okay? what ya have in mind?" He said lets go up way north and go fishing!....all he had to say was lets go fishing, and I was down!

so we left Wensday Night after work Aprox. 730pm.....and drove and drove and drove! I think about 10 hours later we arrived in Orr, Minn..

This the furtherest North the HHF has ever been :shock: ....he says we almost to the lake..... :? Im thinking it about damn time!!!, we stop off get some breakfest and I suggest we find a motel or somthing before we fish so I can get my gear all ready, when my buddy starts laughing...he says dude my parents have a cabin up here! :shock: this would have been something he could have brought up on the 10 hours overnight car trip! yea, he or his family have not been to this cabin in 7 years!! wow.

we get there and it is perfect, or so it seems to me....and we start fishing.

I caught a lot of small Smallmouths...anywhere there was a point with rocks= Lots of smallies! over the weekend i prolly caught around 75....with almost all of them in the 12-13inch range:?.....but fun none the less! :D a few in the 16- 17 inch range! the key too the smallmouth bite was crayfish imations and caught most fish on Jig n Craws, or baby brush hogs!

The walleyes were found in waters of 20-26 feet, and would be stacked up on humps or dips in the reeds...I did not catch a damn walleye over 15 inches!.... I dunno if it was the lake, me or what! But i wanted a monster eye sooo bad it just wasnt ment to happen I guess! but many dink walleyes, caught on just jig and was my most productive color.

Perch were to be had in the shallow water...and would hit just about anything...they got to be annoying!....kinda like Mr. rock bass in the harbors around Chicago! No perch over 11 inches :(

Pike action was good...and they could be found in the shallow weedy/grassy bays, as well as just out side the weed line in 7- 9 feet of water....big mepps/ spinnerbaits/ husky jerks...haha senkos all worked for pike...spoons, buzzbaits, and zara spooks also produced. Most pike were 18- 23 inch range :? with a couple bigger boys.

here some pics for you guys...and gals??? to enjoy!

this little smallie had balls to hit this Zara Spook!^^^^^^^Hit it hard too!

Lots of wind during the day made fishing from the little boat with the 4 HP outboard pretty tough....and wet. :eek:

Pike hitting the frog...pretty damn fun!....but they rip up the 6 dollar frogs pretty quick! :D

Just chillin!

cool Pelican photo^

One of the better smallmouths^^^

and my favorite pike of the trip....he whaled on that same Zara Spook in the pic with the smallie....missed it twice on the retrive, before inhaling it on his thrid try about 20 feet from the boat! He was creepy check out his yellow eye!.....prolly why he missed the first two blow ups! hehe :D

Thanks for reading!
Keep It Real, and Keep It Safe!

-JayPee the HHF!
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