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Asian Carps can KILL!!!

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Well, don't know if they can actually kill, but have heard rumors though. Took wife and kids out fishing on boat yesterday. Real windy and didn't have much luck. So we go for a pleasure ride. They are building this new marina right outside Ottawa. No buildings built yet, but lagoon is accessible with just a few slips in water. Last few times I was there, there were these huge fish that would jump all over, sometimes whacking side of boat. Never saw what they were until a buddy told me they were the Asian Carps.

Well, during yesterdays trip, it was the same thing. Got in calm waters of marina and after a few seconds, THUMP! One cracks off the side of boat. So, we continue our joy cruise. Boom, one jumps there, then there. All of a sudden, I hear a huge splash directly next to were I am driving boat. As I look over, all I see is this huge fish, I sh*t you not, six feet out of water, over my head. Comes down and lands right on me. Scaring my daughter (sitting right next to me) to tears. And almost me too. Scared the hell out of me. Flopping around in boat going ballistic. Ugliest damn thing I have ever seen.

Don't know (or want to know) about eating them, but if you want to catch them, just cruise around and they WILL jump right into your boat. Can't imagine what would of happened if that would of happened while I was on plane doing 35-40mph. Would knock your a$$ clean out of boat. Maybe even kill Anyway, had to grab some pictures of this thing just for sh*ts and jiggles. They are NUTS!!!

Was making me think of grabbing some dough bait and some light tackle.

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That is crazy stuff. The kind of thing one thinks will never happen to them. Glad to hear you are ok. I hope you gave that invasive jerk a taste of the multi tool before you threw him back.

I have read in the past that in the south the sturgeons (sometimes 100lbs) jump on the rivers and have caused deaths in numerous boating accidents. Both from direct hits while planed up, and causing boats to swerve off into the banks.
That is just crazy. I have heard stories of it happening, but you are the first person that I have seen with actually pictures. Glad that you and the family were okay.
Lol...I have some family in Ottawa. I've fished there for saugeye before...never even knew those fish had gotten so close. Their eyes are right next to their mouth haha.
did u kill it..? I hate those assholes!! there uglys as f*ck! they deserve to And if one smacked me all hell would have broken loose!! I would cut it in 20 pieces and feed the catfish!! lol
lil-dude said:
did u kill it..? I hate those assholes!! there uglys as f*ck! they deserve to And if one smacked me all hell would have broken loose!! I would cut it in 20 pieces and feed the catfish!! lol
Hey, easy on the language lil-dude. My 8 year old son sits with me reading these post sometimes. It's bad enough that he hears crap like that coming from my mouth everyday. To sit hear and hear him reading your post, only to stop halfway in the middle of pronouncing your strong language, kinda burns me.

Anyway, I didn't kill it. Probably should of though. As he was flopping around going nuts, he found himself under my console taking out some of my wiring. Been working on that for most of day now. Not to mention, he somehow cut himself and bleed all over floor of boat and now entire boat smells like a ton of carp. Been working on wiring for most of day now. Think he took out my fuel gauge. Can't get it working again.

As for killing it, I think its too late for that. They are here, breeding in numbers, and are here to stay. Better get used to them. Tell the bucket crew they are good eating. That should make a dent in
Sorry lil-dude,

After re-reading my own post, I realized I wasn't using good judgment in choosing the right words also. I think we should all remember this isn't an adult only website and should use language that even our kids could say. I know my son loves sitting here with me reading how to catch fish. My son, the next Kevin Almost brings a tear to my eye...LMAO

Look at pictures in opening post again. Thats my daughter. Can you tell she was completely petrified of that thing? Frozen stiff. She got all mad at daddy because I couldn't keep from laughing as I watched the look on her face. She was terrified... Might be hard getting her in the boat She is only 5 and somehow I think she will never forget that day, ever. I know I won't...
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Next time kill it....every lil bit helps. :wink:
That is unfortunate to have that kind of response both times you went out with the fish hitting the boat from all directions. It just shows how many of those things are out there. Glad you guys made it out of there alive. :lol:
I know you said you didn't want to know anything about eating them, but here goes. Once we start chowing down on them, their days are numbered. Check out the following article:

"Illinois State Senator Mike Jacobs also wants to expand the market for Asian carp. For one thing, he'd like to see it on the menu in state prisons.
1. "Some people say that smoked, it's better than salmon," Jacobs says of Asian carp's taste. But the name "carp" is likely putting non-ethnic Americans off trying the fish, he says.
"Chilean Sea Bass wasn't always known as Chilean Sea Bass," Jacobs notes. "There was a time it was known as a Patagonian Toothfish, and people wouldn't eat it."
His suggested name-change? "I'm from Rock Island, so I'm thinking of 'Rock Island Sole,'" Jacobs muses. "Schafer Fisheries is near Savanna, [Ill.,] so Savanna Sole might work, too." See ... Id=5542199.

I particularly liked the part about feeding them to prisoners. And remebver, its not a carp, its a Rock Island Sole.
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Feeding them to prisoners is fine with me, but I'm not eating them that's for sure.
to bad the bass dont do that during our tourneys. at least not on my boat, maybe fishinmatt's boat... :p :p :p
I used to see video of these asian carp jumping all over boats near Peoria where I used to live. They were and are terrorizing the Illinois river ecosystem not to mention other rivers I'm sure. Saw video of probably 50 to 75 of them flopping all around a boat. And yes, it was on the news that one had hit an older woman in the head and killed her. sad. i'd still enjoy catching them (never tried down there) but i'd be sure to keep them out of the water after catching. I remember seeing boats pull up to dock that would have 10 or 12 at a time.
#1cubsfan said:
to bad the bass dont do that during our tourneys. at least not on my boat, maybe fishinmatt's boat... :p :p :p
Shhhh......don't let people in on my secret :p

A few years ago I snagged one trolling for white bass on a zip lure. On 6lb test it like a runaway truck. I think it weighed 17 lbs. Needless to say, it is not swimming anymore.

Put on your shades boys, its another FishinMatt topless pic :shock:

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AGHHHHHHH THe retinas in my eyeballs are burning!!!!! :lol:
I think you need to get some sun.
And I thought I was a White, "white boy" :shock:
haha i dont like to say this and i want to know why they were serving it they had a whole pan of fish at bass pro all fried up for free and i decided to take some and at first it tasted great lots of flavor then the after taste uhhhhhh god it was terrible i almost puked it tastes very fishy and like garbage ha the reason why i no its carp is because i asked the man serving it and he said suprisingly asian carp haha i just walked away ha i dont understan this at all i thought the man was joking at first but then i realized how bad it tasted not a good choice in eating but i wonder if they were farm raised and just fed pellets if it would be a good tasting fish idk but kill those stupid things
I bet as soon as a group of state legislators can personally make $ off the asian carp..
We'll see them served in prisons and even downtown with huge bounties!

Right now they do harvest them but the folks only get $0.02-$0.06 a pound.
Thats a lot of work & fish to catch to pay for hauling & boat gas.

Plus the asian carp have problems with their bones..
Too much calcium, so if they get grinded up you can get a huge dose that can cause bone problems.
I know they did a study and it caused bone tumors or bone problems in animals...

Gotta remove the bones and smoke em!

We drove the boat by shore south of the Vermilion and it was crazy.
They were jumping everywhere.

I couldn't imagine going 30+ mph and getting hit by a 25 pound fish!
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believe it or not they have very firm flakey white meat. they are planton feeders, not bottom feeders. I've seen lots of articles on eating them. they are supposed to be very good????? but they are a huge problem!! because they are planton /filter feeders they take out the food chain right at the bottom! their numbers are mind boggling and they grow very fast so they are not at the "prey " stage very long at all, thats another problem with them. I'll post 2 vids that show the real problem they are

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