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Ax Afternoon Fishin

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Anyone done any fishing in the afternoon at Axehead, around 12-3pm? I work not far from there and have ventured over a few times at lunch to toss a line in.

Been shutout so far. I'm guessing the fish are not veryactive at this hour.

Have used Slugo 3" rainbow trouts & black/grey. With & without weight. Tried a husky a few times, but the weeds are too annoying.

Been meaning to get me some Senko's, but haven't made the trip to dick's yet.

Have worked my way along the shore to no avail.

Any good tips? Or should I just forget trying during the afternoon hours? Been pretty hot & sunny last few times going.

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Sometimes you can throw fat juicy minnows in there (any body of water for that matter) and they won't take it. Sometimes it's all about the color and sometimes the presentation or a combination of both. I wouldn't stop fishing it, heck, your fishing. Better than not. Soon enough you'll figure out a pattern and it'll make up for the skunkeroos.

BTW, I love them senkos, a bit pricey but well worth it IMHO. My favorite is the green pumkin w/ black flakes. I'm also starting to like the Yum dingers. Pretty much the same thing as a senko but a little cheaper.

Jason has had much success with white slugos, I think 3 or 4". And Tony (cubsfan) seems to like the black with gold flakes.
I got 3 bass last night between 6:00 and 8:30 PM using a Jitter bug

I walk the shore line and cast out just past the weed and bring it in slow

infact the only time I have caught fish at Axehead is with the Jitter Bug at dusk or early in the morning when the water is calm
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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