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Got to Axehead at 4:15PM to find windy conditions with gusts in the 20 mph range from the NW. Fished the eastern shoreline and had to move out of the wind so that I can cast.

Used a bobber with water and a small single hook. Second rod was setup carolina rig style with same size hook. Both rigs were baited with Power Bait (rainbow). Casted both lines out and waited. Had to use the restroom around 5:00PM and decided to leave my rods for a few minutes. As I walked back to my spot, I noticed my rod tip bent over but no action. I tried winding my line, but it was stuck in the heavy weeds. I checked for any headshakes, but felt nothing. Still suspecting a fish at the end of the line, I carefully applied pressure and dragged the line in. I could easily see the pile of weeds coming towards me. Sure enough, I recognized a nice size trout (12 inches) trailing behind the huge ball of weed.

Didn't have any container to bring this home, so I gave it to a guy fishing next to me. He didn't it was a trout or the stocking that took place a week ago. I hope he enjoyed the fish.

The fish are definitely still in deeper waters. The windy conditions made it uncomfortable to fish.

Good luck guys!
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