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Axehead Fishing Report: 5/1/06

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Fished Axehead Lake for an hour today (3:30pm-4:30pm), cloudy, temps around 60, south winds 10-15mph.

Only brought one lure, a trusty gold 3" slug-go and my ultra-light. The color on the bait has faded quite a bit since last year. The true "gold" color always does the trick for me and I believe it affected my results. My faded "copper/red" slug-go landed 2 10" largemouth bass. I also missed two others.

Worked the entore perimeter of the lake. The bass are everywhere. The hits came after long pauses of twitching the slug-go.
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Thanks for the report Jason. I haven't been to Axehead since the Trout fiasco. It sounds like I might need to give it a try tomorrow.
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