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Axehead is skunkhead

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Got the skunkeroo 3 times now. I don't think any trout are left. Got me a huge crappy tho and a few decent bass here and there. I won't quit just yet. I need to feel the rush of a 19" rainbow pulling and screaming drag. I still think about it when I go to sleep. 3 times I felt it. I just need one more fix and I think I'll be ok. Come on baby!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:
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hey augy saturday morning good for you i'll be there early early early.
5:25 i will be on the south side just north of the entrance where you park on the side of the road.
well i got the fix i was looking for. a tough 15" rainbow that put up one hell of a fight. got on a fat 12" crappie too.

for the second time now i saw this huge fish hanging out in the shallows on the southwest tip. it's not a bass and it's not a trout. pike?!?!?! :shock:
man can that thing swim. when i spooked him he took off like a gunshot.

hey tony, i may be heading up to heidecke sat morning with jason. if that doesn't happen i will be at axehead in the morning. if i don't see ya sat. good luck man. it's getting pretty tough to land a trout these days man. it's going to take some patience but there has to be a few still around.
i needed just one more fix. stopped by for a quickie trout injection. got a nice silvery 16" and a 12" hybrid striper. i didn't even know they have them in axehead.

hey tony, i'm gonna be out at Heidecke tomorrow morning but I may head out to Axehead in the afternoon. Check your pm. I sent you my cell #.
I think it was a yellow bass Augy, there are tons of em in Axehead and they are good eats too.
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