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Got to Beck lake around 7:45-9:15 Started by trying to work the deep hole in the boat ramp and got nothing but weeds. Started by using my Rat-L-Trap and weeds..more weeds..more weeds. My other two losers where using..a spinnerbait and jig/curly tail. After being there half an hour..moved around. And still got nothing..threw everything at them...nothing. All the bobber fishermen said they caught nothing. I dont know i feel like giving up on this lake. Been there 3 times and 3 times ive been skunked I dont even see baitfish around *bluegills-minnows**.I guess after seeing all those pics of the bass caught there i got all hyped up..o well.. After this though it might be better at the Axe..

Beetween all of this as I was driving for the first time..i saw Big Bend lake..looks like a decent spot..but after all the begative comments bout it..didnt mind to stop......

So we headed to Axehead lake got there around 9:30-12:00. Got there with my girlfriend and my sister me and girl started using Senkos wacky rigged and texas produce nothing. After that I switched to a small crankbait and she got a rapala floater...produced nothing, My sister was suing a small bobber with a cricket that I caught..she was getting nothing switched to a Rat-L-Trap..and got nothing but weeds.. After a few hours I just gave up..and sat down and watched my "losers" fish. We ended up leaving because it was getting packed. There was a lot a trout fishermen..that where complaining bout no more trout..well...they been there for 2 weeks now..and theres loads of people catching them and not following rules wat u expect right...?? :roll: Saw one guy get a nice size bluegill that he threw back.

So my question is when I come to the Axe I ALWAYS see some kind of fish around the shore..I saw nothing..the red fences are gone..and I was seeing if I could sight fish..there was no fish. Where they the 30ft drop-out zone..??

Got the ol skunk-a-roo!
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