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Axehead Lake Fishing Report: 5/20/06

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Beautiful day. Got out for some late afternoon fishing. Partly cloudy, temps around 70, west winds 15mph.

Got 2 largemouth bass, both small, on 3" Slug-go's. The bass were all over the place but not very active at all. I found out why when I saw 2 bass on a spawning bed, well... spawning. After a few moments of observing I began to feel creepy and moved to another spot but to no avail.

Basically worked the entire shoreline of the lake. Lovely evening, spawning bass, majestic sunset, priceless.

Oh... Barry Bond's hit his 714th today. Who cares? He tied the Babe. But Babe Winkelman could hit 715 with the right "recipe". :roll:
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