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Axehead Lake Fishing Report: 5/22/06

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East winds 10mph, temps in the mid 50's, mostly sunny. Fished from 5:30pm - 6:30pm.

Used the ole trusty Axehead Lake bass combo - my ultra-light with a 3" Slug-Go. Picked up 4 largemouth bass. All 10"-11". They were more aggressive this time than a few days ago. They really attacked the lure and then did a nice surface dance when caught. There are bass ALL OVER this lake and especially the shoreline. Watch for Axehead Lake to rank much higher amoung the CCFPD lakes in the coming years. The size isn't there yet, but i'm averaging slightly bigger bass than in 2005. And the fact that i've seen some BIG ones and seen the reports of sporadic catches of them in very encouraging.
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