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Fished from 7pm-8pm; west winds 10mph, mixed clouds, sun, sprinkles; temps about 70.

The bass seem to be done spawning and are now protecting the beds. Not great numbers - caught 4 bass, but the catch should be increasing in the coming days.

There were some BIG bluegill along the west shoreline that were hovering near the bass spawning beds. They would get close and the bass would attack them.

The "new" weeds at Axehead are getting a little thicker than last year and I think this is REALLY helping the bass population.

A 3" Slug-Go is a SURE bet for a small bass on this lake. Time for me to start trying some other lures for larger bass. Senko's and larger Slug-go's are next on the list!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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