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Axehead Lake Trout Opener Report - 4/12/06

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Let me first start by saying that the CCFPD should have posted better signs about the 2 delays. But perhaps WindyCityFishing will post such information in the future.

Arrived at 4:15pm. Sunny skies, temps in the mid 70's, strong west wind 15-20mph.

Upon arriving, one angler was leaving with a 12" trout and a 10" trout both caught on minnows. He indicated that all the action seemed to be along the eastern shore which was stacked up with anglers.

I headed to the northwest corner and met up with Augy who caught a 11" trout with Berkely Power Bait. By 5:30 there were approx 130 people fishing around the entire lake. Space was tight but managable. Unfortunately, the fishing was VERY slow. As I was leaving at 6:15, saw a man on the eastern shore catch a beautiful 16" trout using a jigging spoon. Very nice fish.

I'm assuming the slow conditions are because the fish were just recently put in during the past 2 days. I'm betting that conditions will improve over the next couple of days.
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