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Axehead Lake WCF Outing - 10-21-06

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Very nice outing. 10 total members of WCF attended. Many arrived at 4:30am. I arrived at 5:15am.

The gates were not open and didn't appear to open till around 7am! What a joke.

We all set up shop in the south bay. Augy limited it in no time. Tony and Aris would later limit out as well.

We did all catch fish - all with Berkley Power bait, I believe, and had a great time.

It was very nice meeting those of you I haven't met yet (toothdoc, gither). Looks like we just missed Phil too!

Great time everyone!
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It was a great outing. It was nice to meet up with everybody. Yeah Augy was the first to limit out. I could only manage 4 and ended up losing that 5th fish 3 different times. Oh well, it was fun none the less. I had those fish for dinner and let me tell you, they were quite delicious!

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I forgot to mention something that I found on my smallest fish. It looked like something had taken a bite into it's back. It's hard to tell in the photo. I'm thinking maybe that big pike that Tony saw earlier this year at Axehead.
I had a blast fishing and meeting more WCF members. Wow was the fish great. I gutted it and marinated it for about an hour and steamed it tender. Left you guys pretty early in the morning cause everytime i looked at my fish i got hungry and just wanted to eat already. haha
Nice Fish guys wish I could have been there
Thanks for the great outing WCF !
Nice meeting the members I havent met before and the trout were awsome !
I got out to Axehead a lot later than expected because I overserved myself on Friday. I did walk away with one trout but it was all cut up courtesy of a guy next to me using casting into my area with braided line (and a big game fish pole!!!) and lost another one on a fly because I only used 2# line from casting bubble to fly on my buddy's advise :oops: . Didn't say hi to anyone because I was in between still being hammered and hungover and feeling like crap in general. I was the stocky guy with beer gut in the Bears hat and glasses with the beet red eyes fishing by the SW end. I'll say hi next time around.
Looked like a great time...nice job guys
it sure was fun. good to see everyone and finally meet those i haven't before. i had a great time. i'll post the video of our outing real soon.
Hey Augy, did you get back out there on Sunday? I know that in the Spring you were out there a number of days in a row.
yeah doc, i went out sunday morning and ended up with 3. it was FREEZING!! and the winds were nasty! i started out on the south end for about an hour with nothing. i couldn't take the wind blowing in my face so decided to try the northwest corner with the wind at my back. as soon as the sun started creepin over the horizon i got on the first one. no. 2 and 3 came soon after. then it shut down again. i caught a cold trying to get my limit. should of gone home earlier. it seemed like nobody was seeing any action. my 3 looked to be the only ones.

obviously most of the fish are gone but the coldfront seemed to have shut down the remaining fish. the intense fishing pressure from opening day will put a damper on things as well. these fish are extremely spooked. hopefully it should get better the next few days.
I think that the colder temps and the wind change slowed things down. There are still some fish to be caught. I might try again on Wednesday for a few hours. The weather looks to be warmer by then.
I never understood how pressure changes fishing conditions. Don't the fish just instinctively think about eating and when they are hungry they eat whatever food appear to be available? So how does A LOT of berkley powerbaits floating around spook or make the fish not want to eat anyone's bait? Growing up i noticed my pet fish always just kept eating and eating until all the food is gone even if it's not hungry. Shouldn't this be the same survival instincts of the trout in axehead? Inform me if you know, I'm really curious. Thanks.
Great question Frank. Perhaps i'll discuss it further in an upcoming podcast. In the meantime, consider this... you are sunddenly dragged away from your home, where you have received a consistent meal everyday and are very comfortable. Then you are shipped a long distance and deposited into a completely foreign environment with others like you, but a little different (bass, crappie, carp, bluegill, etc). But you are hungry so after a few days of getting acclimated to the other inhabitants (the aforementioned fish) you decide it is time to eat.

All of a sudden a bunch of food that looks familiar to you is dropping all around you. You eat! But there are other things going on... there are LOTS of loud noises vibrating through your body, you see your friends fighting for their lives then disappearing, and the food you crave is moving around in a funny way. Perhaps you'll take your chances at first, out of pure starvation, but then you back off until the "storm" clears.

Have I painted a clear picture? Perhaps not, but you get the idea.
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Haha sad story. Thanks, now i feel bad for the trout and may never fish again because of the depressing ending... nah, I have to eat too :p. I get your point though, brief yet nicely illustrated. Thanks man.
Just "clicked." The fish are just stressed due to the heavy fishing. I see...
Maybe all the dumb, hungry fish have been caught and now the smart fish are not as hungry as when they were dumped in the lake!
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