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Axehead 'n' eyez

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I havent fished axehead much in my adulthood, but doesnt it seem like that lake would be ideal for walleyes? Is there any reason that they wouldnt stock them other than money? There is a good perch population with hard bottom, alot of riprap and a deep dropoff at I think 30'. Just pickin' ur brainz.
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Ya know, since i've been having some extra time not catching fish at Opeka :evil: I've had a thoought: What if they (the DNR) issued a Cook County FP stamp, like the inland trout stamp, that allows people to fish the CCFPD lakes at an additional fee and use that income to actually stock the lakes with enough fish to keep them viable sporting fisheries? Just a thought....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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