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I got my much needed break over vacation and I'm extremely lazy at the moment. Despite my laziness, however, I do have a half-decent report to share from everything I accomplished two weeks ago.

I apologize to all the link haters (ok - not really), but because I'm lazy to re-post everything and spend probably an extra hour babbling some text and many photos here, I thought I'd just be half-ass and do it this way for just today.

Sorry, "not to be a dick, but" . . . . the goods are one click away at the blog for fishing blabbery. :lol: :lol:

There is a youtube video as well, added for good measure. I need better editors.

Finally, this past week I began making my wade trips on the backyard river. I've found it to be tough as water levels are jacked up from the melt-off, and water temps still are not in anyone's favor as they're barely around 40degs. Other than Creek Chubs for the 30lb mono worm dunkers who believe they are catching rainbow and/or brown trout, not many have been having success. I've had to correct a few gentlemen who approached me this week while fishing.

I should be out fishing for hopefully 4 days this week - weds - thurs - fri - sat, and then again next Monday. Gotta love the 4-5 day long holiday weekends.

Don't know how often I will be posting from now until the end of the schoolyear because I've gotta concentrate more on finishing out the year well, working on projects that get thrown at my face every week, looking for summer internship and/or job, working and finishing the customizing on the new boat, and fishing as much as possible. Doesn't leave me with too much time to hit up all the places I normally do.

Anyways, thought this would be somewhat of a start. Hope you enjoy reading what's in the link. :)
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