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backwater partoo (many more to come)

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got out today after my homework and caught myself a ton of fish. Fished with my ugly stick 4'8" ultralite with 6lb line, and a small mousietail and waxies. caught maybe 20-30 bluegills, all pretty good sized, and caught about4-5 crappies about10 inches, except one dink about3 inches long :lol: , smallest crappie i ever caught.all fish were realeased to get much bigger so i can eat them in later days :D

This is an awsome spot on the fox, its rite off of highway 14 in cary, its got a TON of logs and snags but there are platforms built out on the big fallen trees, so you can fish on then, its about 9-12 feet deep off the logs and there in a sand, gravle bottom, lots of weeds in the summer :D :roll:
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Sounds like a good spot. Be careful out on those fallen trees! :wink:
Well done my friend. Those back waters are key at this time for panfish but also for toothcritters :D
Sounds like ya got the right setup for early spring. The description of the spot on the Fox there sounds VERY interesting. Keep up the good work out there and I look forward to more colorful reports!

Good job out there. If I were you I'd soak a roach under a slip bobber or throw some spinnerbaits for some pike.
Wow nice day! Sounds like a great spot!

- Jon
thnx for the advice sean, ill try that next time im out, and the crappies have been moving in and really bitting hard around 6:00, around when shadows go away
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