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Backyard Hawg w/ pics

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After a fun afternoon of cleaning and organizing my garage I headed out back to relax a bit. Theresa joined me for a few minutes, but after only a few bites and one bullhead on the slip bobber and fatheads she headed in. I decided to stick it out for awhile. I was throwing a 5'' smoke purple flake twin tail grub on a black bullet jighead. I was keeping to one area to keep an eye on my bobber. Just relaxing fishing with minimal expectations I guess. I had been out to the pond 3 or 4 times since moving in and all I had caught was crappies and gills. Something inhaled the bait on the twitch and instantly started peeling the line. I played it for a few seconds and when she came up and bulldawged on the surface I loosened the drag a little more and called Theresa. She brought out a tape measure and the digital scale. She came in at a little over 20 1/4'' and the scale kept bouncing b/w 4.5-4.7 lbs. After a few quick pics, measurement and weight she was released and swam off strong.

I am a happy camper

Tale of the tape

Another angle

The bait
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Sweet! What a pig! :shock: Congrats dude.
Wow, what a pig! Way to go, Matt :) That's definitely an incentive for me to pratice my soft plastics techiques.
Holy piss! It just goes to show... those little private ponds/lakes can often produce GREAT fish!

Nice job, Matt!
Well, the lake is not private. If anyone is familar with Aurora, the background might give it away. It is actually Fox Valley Park District water. The lake is not loaded with fish, but there are a few nice ones in there :p There is another pond on the other side of the sub that is private. I only tried it once and we got a mixed bag of smaller fish. That one will be heating up too I hope.
sweet report Matt! nice hawg...
Thanks Willy. I have been busy lately, but hope to get back out there soon.
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