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started at 6:00pm till 7:30 for the first 45 mins or so i was throwing a 4 inch smoke w/black &purple flake senko, didnt catch anything. so i started throwing out a pop'r not knowing exactly the right technique for the pop'r i just popped it and reeled and what do you know i caught a little bass on a pause but thats it one little bass

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Great Report !

Try Throwing a Medium Diving White Crank bait in there you'll pull out a few :D Witha moderate retrieve.

Nice pond you got in back of your house there, You should Get out as much as you can it'll pay off I'm sure theres a few Big guys swimming around in there. Try differant things, You can work the whole pond it isn't Huge... Sometimes fish will hold in a particular spot. If there is a draingae or pipe in the water running somewhere into your pond hit that on after a rainy day !! Will pay big !

Nice Job

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