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I took Georges advice i went out fished the whole shore from about 3-4:15 and found a spot with a drain thing , and tons of structure, There is an older man who fished there for like 40 years or something lik that and i was fishing the spot that i found, and he knows that lake very good and he was fishing in the same area so im hoping thats the spot for the fish.. i had two fish today, one was about 7 inches, right when i pulled him up to shore he jumped off the hook ever so nicely and flopped in the water. Then the other one i caught was the bggest in that lake so far that ive caught, it was a good 14+ inch fish and put up a fight...caught them on a smoke w/black and purple flake 4 inch senko with a 1/0 red mustad hook.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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