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I got a about a dozen or so minnows left from last weekend still alive sitting in my fridge. I'm planning to make a trip out to the goons this evening. think anything will bite em?
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I don't fish the Goons, But I know a lot of guys catch on artificials out there. You never know until you try :wink:
We'll I didn't catch much with the fatheads but I had some night-crawlers that picked up 3 small catfish. 6-7 inches each, obviously released em. I was at a spot I found south of Tower Rd. at lagoon 3.

I was thinking of heading back early Sunday morning. Anyone have any advice on were a good spot might be to pick up some bass? What sort of bait / lures should I use?
ya you will catch crappie by the dam, if they are fathead minnows(small) you will also catch bass at lagoon 6 and by the dam i have chaught pike twice with a sucker fish.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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