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Bangs Lake 7-5-08

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Launched at about 0530Am at Wauconda Marine with Shit4Brains. We only caught 4 bass all about 11-13 inches and 1 to 1.5 pounds. S4B had a nice Northern Pike on that he lost at the boat. I had alot of hits on my Senkos but I think some may have been dink bass playing with it. S4B was using cranks and spinners mostly with the occasional tube jig and weedless worm.
The weather was absolutely perfect 75-80degrees with very light winds. The morning was quite cool though about 57 degrees. Once 10 AM hit, the pleasure boaters came out in full force and destroyed the lake. These crazy bastards were running their water skiers between stopped boats! At that point I said "we're outta here".
If you go to Bangs go early and leave early or go during the week (not on a holiday weekend).
I have no pics because nothing seemed worthy.
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How much does it cost you to launch over there? I heard it was 20 bones... Is that accurate? - BPM
That's correct it was $20 at Wauconda Marina.
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