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me, i'm a soft plastics guy with the occasional crankbaits. not much of a spinner user, although i should practice with them more.

1. 5" grn pumkin/black flake senko
2. 4" smoke pearl yum dinger
3. shoot, i really don't have a go to 3rd other than a toss up between a rapala x-rap and j5.

these have produced the most bass for me the past couple of years. let's hear about what you guys have had success with.

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Mine would be

1. 4" Yum dinger grn/pumpkin chart tail
2. 3/8oz spinnerbait blk,wht,chart
3. Jitterbug

shallow shad rap perch and xraps would be next

Jason its funny, I know alot of people that use pop'rs, never even had a hit on them. I might be werking them wrong. :lol:

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My list depends a lot on when/where I'm fishing and the structures present/absent.

1. Plastics worms and tubes
2. 1/4 oz. tandem willow blade spinnerbaits
3. Rat-L-Traps

I listed soft plastics first but definitely wouldn't have even mentioned them last year. I've only begun learning how to fish them properly this year and am really liking them a lot. Besides, if I'm at a place like the north shore channel of the chicago river, I'm not going to throw anything that costs more than $1 because of the frequent snags.

I had pretty good luck with tandem spinnerbaits at Beck last year, but they're not really doing much for me these days with the weeds getting thicker. Ditto for the Rat-L-Traps.

For smaller LM bass from the NSC, I like to toss 1/8 oz. Blue Fox Flash spinners. They're cheap, and almost always hook into a bass within the first 5 casts of every one of my visits to the NSC. But for the larger LM bass, I've learned that soft plastics is WAY better than rooster tail spinners.

I guess it all depends on whether I feel like going for quality (size) or quantity.
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