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wanna get out and fish tommorow morning dude? river or the lake?

you need to have the credits the opening song!!

and i know how hard it is to film yourself, but my favs. from all the videos are when we get to see some hooksets, and in the latest smallmouth vid.

but tommorow? let me know.


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i Definitely have enough tape, it's just hard because i'm on shore and every time i move have to re-set up the camera. that's why i stopped bringing the mount. I'm confident my next video (Should be released tonight) will get me back on track to were i want to be And that is to teach and show everyone that isn't a fisherman how great fishing is, but to still show anglers a few new things every video.

I know this video was better then my last, but definitely a lot of improving needed to be done. i'm launching several new things in the next video, And i'll see what people like and keep and what they dont like ill take out.

thanks for the Help and comments guys there really appreciated.

knowing your interested in the videos makes me more determined to make them better, thanks

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