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After lunch with the father and family, i met up with mad craw 77 , fishkid and a few others to see if would could catch some bass...or whatever else.

i met them around 4pm and after hellos we all started fishing...not long and madcraw was into a nice fish...which he lost when he when for the swing was not long that i took off my spinnerbait and copied his set up, a carolina rig. He was throwing a little heavier lead and a different bait...i went with the sabertail creature bait. blue and black....fishkid was working a drop shot and i think a robo worm?

well this what i got.

i also caught a 9-10 inch largemouth who had balls to even try to eat that creature bait...he should become a future hawg!!!
others got some fish but i only got pic of my fish :D


JayPee the HHF!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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