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ANDERSON S.C., 2:45 p.m. - 2/22/08

I didn't hear - I'm in noisy room - but you might have heard it if you were outside. That rumble was Mike Iaconelli screaming, following that up with a "Never Give Up."

Whatever works for you. And it works for him.

The current, reported, unofficial Top 10 looks like this:

• Michael Iaconelli 22-00
• Scott Rook 21-10
• Charlie Hartley 20-03
• Terry Scroggins 18-00
• Kevin VanDam 17-08
• Cliff Pace 17-00
• Aaron Martens 15-02
• Kotaro Kiriyama 14-08
• Kelly Jordon 14-08
• Dave Wolak 14-08

Oh boy the screamer is atop the leader board
it's day one you dumb ass :evil: act like ya been there before

Augy tell'em to shup up!!!!!!

5,340 Posts
Yes he does. There a few after day one that sure have a shot

Final results after day 1 (Top 10)

1 Charlie Hartley 21- 1
2 Scott Rook 20-13
3 Kevin VanDam 20- 3
4 Terry Scroggins 19- 3
5 Cliff Pace 18-10
5 Casey Ashley 18-10
7 Edwin Evers 18- 7
8 Michael Iaconelli18- 5
9 Todd Faircloth 17-10
10 Alton Jones 17- 5

I realy enjoy the classic it's a great tournament
"very close" in the top 10. Some nice bags brought to the scales
in some poor weather

KVD is lurking watch out!!!!!!

I have been reading Charlie Hartley's blog pre-tourny. ... ey_classic

Charlie wrote:

I received a call this afternoon from an old friend that I fished with years ago in the draw tournaments. He wished me luck and reminded me that once all this activity dies down I'll have to put my head down and go fishing.

Making Friends counts in your fishing life!!!!!(as this site is a testament to)

Nice to see him at the top after day 1. what a thrill for him :lol:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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