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Basspro Shops "Stick-o"

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Me and Edai went out to Basspro Shops after fishing Deep lake in dire need of more senkos (I used up almost a whole bag today) and we looked at the Basspro Shop's "stick-o" which is a senko imitation. I asked a guy who was in the same aisle if he had ever used them, and he said that he had heard that they worked just about as well as senkos. We took a couple out and they were pretty heavy and seemed to be really similar. Also, they're SO much more affordable 20 pack for $4.99!! I picked up a couple packs and I'm going to try them out. Anybody else use this brand name imitation senko before? I'll give you guys the head up after the next time I get out on the water.
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definately post how they seem to be working for ya! I've been looking for an alternative to Senkos but haven't found the three colors I like keep handy. The Bass Pro website has very similar ones so if they seem to do the same drop then you may have found an alternative for me :D The Senkos are sweet but way too costly for my pocket book, yet they have landed me a ton of LMB's at Opeka this summer!
Actually, Augy and I stopped by Bass Pro after Deep Lake today as well. Seems there al sorts of Senko immitators, including one made by Yamamoto Enterprises! I'd also like to read some reviews of these baits.
I just transferred the ones I bought ("stick-o's") into one of those clear boxes for my tackle bag and they're definitely a bit stiffer than regular senkos. They're still heavy like the real senko, have almost an identical shape, and are impregnated with salt. I just gotta see how they look in the water though. I'll post it up within a few days how it goes..
I found a site with lots of positive feedback for the Stick-O...

then again, it was on the Bass Pro Shop's website, hmm.... but there's a bunch of em', just scroll down to the bottom and I think theres 2-3 pages of the product reviews (of the sticko) ... rchResults
I finally got to try out the Bass Pro Shop's brand "Stick-O" (senko imitation)

They are pretty much the same thing in the way that...
1. The Stick-o's side-to-side twitch is very similar when you're fishing it like a jerkbait.
2. It is still heavy enough to cast, and is actually more durable (but more durable = tougher/more stiff) I don't know if this is good or not, I'm guessing that fish would like the softer plastic senko.

They're different b/c...
1. I didn't have a chance to fish it in deeper water (just 2 feet deep water close to shore) but... it seemed like the Stick-o sinks faster. Again, this could be a good thing and a bad thing. For those of you who like to twitch these Senko-type-baits on the bottom like a creature might prefer the stick-o. I've personally been having more luck lately with fish taking the bait on the fall, or shortly after the fall -- I think the slow wobbling fall triggered the strikes.
2. However, I couldn't tell if the bait actually wobbled at all while it sank, I needed deeper water to really see -- but I have a feeling that they sink too quickly to really wobble in that slow and effective way.
3. They smell very plastic-like -- kind of reminds me of my childhood when I had a plastic tackle box full of random cheap plastic grubs -- I think the material (soft plastic or whatever) is obviously not as 'quality' as the Senko or even the Dinger.

So in conclusion...
I think that if you're on a tight budget, and you're willing to sacrifice a bit of quality -- the Stick-O could be an alternative. For the 5" (I think its like 5" and 3/8" or something) the price is 20 for $4.99 -- Senkos cost 10 for 5.99. I think I'll mess around with them more, and maybe even buy some scent/attractant to cover up that plastic smell.

Yum Dingers are I believe a 12 pack for around $4.00-4.50 at Dick's, and I guess you could call them an "intermediate" bait b/w the Sticko and Senko -- but I've actually had more luck on Dingers this whole summer than senkos (again, it's all relative and depends on how/where you fish)

My whole "analysis" on the Stick-O may be slightly biased/influenced by the fact that I just got skunked at this small lake near by (I'm in down in Urbana-Champaign with some buds). I'll keep up the reports, but I think that you guys have to really try them out yourselves and see what you think.

Good fishin'

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JasonN said:
Actually, Augy and I stopped by Bass Pro after Deep Lake today as well. Seems there al sorts of Senko immitators, including one made by Yamamoto Enterprises! I'd also like to read some reviews of these baits.
Jason, those are Kinami baits that are made by Gary Yamamoto's son. They are less expensive per pack, but you get less in a package. So essentially they cost the same.
ebay has several senko imitators from $5-$10 for a 50 pack. plus $5 shipping. anybody try them??
I have tried the Storm lures: worms, lizards, etc. I've had some success. They aren't weighted, but at 57 cents on sale at Dicks (normal price 99 cents) you really can't go wrong giving them a try. They do make hard baits and swimming shads and minnows that I haven't tried. I do like the weight on the lizards, but I wish they made heavier worms. Here's a link to their site:
Does Dick's Sporting Goods carry Senkos? I want to give these a try on my next outing to Spring Creek.
they sure do. limited color selection but they have the most popular colors.
Cool - thanks Augy - what colors do you recommend trying? I'm starting out on the dupage lakes like mallard, spring creek reservoir, bass lakes
i'd stick with natural looking colors. green pumpkin is my go to senko color. watermelon along with black and white senkos are popular.
Yum Dingers are a good substitute and are often on sale.
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