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beck 6/13

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fished from 5:30 to 6:30
fished almost the whole shore line with a 4 inch pearl and grey yum dinger
SKUNK :twisted: still havent caught i fish at beck ever since ive been there
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Beck Lake can be that way... very frustrating at times. I may head out there tomorrow evening. If I go, i'm going to bring a variety of lures as it can be difficult to find the right pattern at Beck.
I fished Beck from 4:30-6 today and got the skunk too despite throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the fish. Roleplay, did you see a guy with a grey/black baseball t-shirt, blue jeans, and blue/red baseball cap with a "C" on it pass by asking you if you had any luck? If so, that was me, and I'll know to say hey again next time I run into you.

Don't get too frustrated with Beck, roleplay. Like Jason said previously, the lake is really unpredictable, but there are big fish in there. Personally, I've been skunked more than half the times I've been there :oops: :wink:
If it is any consolation 'role', I've never caught a fish at Beck! Unless you count a 3" bluegill and a 4" Bass! But a friend caught a 3lb Bass on his one and only visit to Beck last fall. Like the guys say, it's hit or miss. Personally, I think there are so few fish in the lake that the odds of casting out past one with so many others fishing it, plus using the right lure, plus working it properly for that days weather conditions, plus the fish's appetite to bite or not, etc. Well, you get the picture, the odds are about like the lottery of catching a fish at Beck! I've coined it 'the dead sea' :lol: But it is a nice pond for its location!
Good area to try is at the south point anywhere between the solo tree and the next group of smaller trees east of the solo tree. Using my smartcast I've marked several fish about 30-40 ft from shore in about 10 FOW. Caught some right along the shore as well. There is a pretty big cluster of weeds right there and that's where they seemed to be hanging out. Of course there are several other areas that hold fish but of all the areas at Beck, this south point produced most of my bass.
hey guys! im new to the forum but not on beck lake...ive caught 6 20+" Largemouths on this lake with husky jerks, its a very productive lake...although sometime its slow but theres tons of sweet spots on this lake. Goodluck!
Hey PuNk8981, welcome to WCF.

That's quite an accomplishment for Beck. Tell us, what's your secret? Congrats btw.
caught them all with crankbaits...can anyone tell me how to post pics?
Could you elaborate more on what kind of crankbait you used, spots on the lake, how you fished the lure?

To put up a photo (i just learned how today) you put

you have to upload your photos to something like and paste the link between the two img's
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no secrets just used the crankbaits like theyre supposed too... ive learned to rely on my crankbaits and learned how to fish em. I caught couple of them using a rat L trap, some in shallow diving jerkbaits, and some deep fat crankbaits. I will try to post pics of some of the ones i caught from beck...but ive caught all my biggest largemouth bass from there i even had a beautiful one mounted on the wall a 24" 6lbs. largemouth. Love it there...although i went there just this Sat and Sun caught maybe a 9" or bigger but thats about it. Weed killers were everywhere, bad days for crankbaits. Tried throwing some grubs, worms and fished slow but no luck.
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