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Beck 6.3.06

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Beautiful afternoon at Beck. Fished from 6-8pm along the southshore and worked my way northeast to the bend on the east shoreline. Temps in the mid 70's and very light wind.

Caught 2 largies on 4" Yum black and white silver flakes dingers. 14" and 12". Didn't see anybody pulling any fish.

Nice evening.
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Good job, Augy :) By the way, how were the weeds at Beck? Have they started getting thick on the eastern side yet?
not that bad yet but it's getting there. the weeds weren't the issue, its the dam whatchamacallits, the blown off white cotton lookin thingys. man, i can't think of their name. but i think you know what i'm talking about. they get all tangled up on the line and gets rolled up on the spool. it's a pain getting them off.
Its either dogwood or LAKE SHINERS, i forget too.
Maybe Cottonwood? They've been ticking me off as well at Foster Ave on the Chicago River.
It is indeed cottonwood from the... Cottonwood trees. It should wind down in the next week or so. But this has been a "bad" year for that junk.

Like acorns from an oak tree, or the little helicoptor things from maple trees, it's the cottonwood tree's way of "getting the seed out". And it's ALL OVER!

The only thing you can do is fish the non-wind-blown shore to avoid it. It WILL get caked all over your line, guides, and lures. And removing it is a bitch.

But it will be over soon.
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