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Pk said:
ClancyWiggum said:
Give the senkos some time. For me they seem to work better in slightly deeper water as it gives the bait time to wiggle on its way down to the bottom. Most of the fish I have caught, including the 22-incher in my avatar, have been caught on senkos. Many of the fish guys catch up on Deep Lake as well have been on senkos. Summer is the senko time of year so don't give up on them just yet.
Does your line get kinked when you use the Senko's for awhile? The action of them causes my line to get all spun up and kinked. No, I haven't given up on them just yet. It just seems like everytime I go out and use them I catch fish on something else.
the twisting occurs when you rig the senko crooked. it spins when you retrieve. just make sure the senko is on straight as an arrow and you won't have as many problems.
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