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After an aborted WCF tourney at the Busse WWD, several of us headed to Beck Lake. Temps in the mid 60's, mostly cloudy, light variable winds. We fished from approx 12:30pm-3pm.

Well, we got one question answered... those "crappie" that had been popping the surface in recent days were actually gizzard shad! In fact, Tony (#1cubsfan) caught a 12" shad!

Unfortunately that was the only action of the day. Tony did have another fish halfway home till it spit the hook and he wasn't sure if it was a bass or shad.

We threw EVERYTHING into that lake from minnows, crawlers, to chatterbaits, crankbaits, Senko's, etc.

Well, it was nice getting out and all, but time to get on some fish!
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