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Beck Lake Fishing Report: 6/2/09

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This was hardly an outing, but did get out for about 45 minutes just before sunset. Temps in the upper 50's; NE winds 5-10mph; overcast. Fished a couple of spots near the parking lot with Senko's and a couple of other lures. Nada.

I gotta get out more. Getting a serious jones to catch a fish!

Also, great to meet stevethegreek and Ben - members of WCF.
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It beats sitting at home with fish or not. Atleast you got to wet a line. You will get them next time Jay!
Concentrate on the inner weedline nearest the banks. Bass seem to be ambushing the gills on beds a lot. So, anywhere you find bluegill beds, or smaller brushpiles ( crappie), bounce a few lures along the inside weeds and the bass will show themselves!

45 Mins on the water beats none at all!
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