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Temps in the mid 80's; humid; calm winds; mostly cloudy; fished from 7:20pm - 8:25pm.

Last minute decision to get out and also where to go. Finally decided on Beck Lake.

The usual summer weeds are there - especially along the east shore all the way to the island. However, there is plenty of open water and great opportunities to work these weeds with weedless lures for some decent fish. I sincerely hope they do NOT do a weed kill.

Got one largemouth bass of 16" on my second cast. Talk about getting the skunk off in a hurry! Caught it with a wacky-rigged Senko along the east shore all the way on the north end. Worked Slug-go's and Tournament Frog also but the 16 incher was to be the only fish. Not a lot of topwater action going on at all which kinda surprised me. But again, they may be full of cicadas.

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